Empty – It Changes Everything

The surprising spiritual position that changes everything is the very thing that is so difficult to experience. EMPTINESS – the one thing we desperately need to be a follower of Jesus.  We avoid hunger pains, we never let our gas tanks get below that magical mile, we dread coming home to an empty house, and the thought of an empty nest makes our heartache. This is not the kind of emptiness Christ calls us to. He calls you and me to decrease and He will increase.


We are called to be AUTHENTIC.  When we know who we are, understanding and accepting that God does have a plan for our lives we will be less prone to compare and give in to insecurity and be a woman with contagious faith.

                                                           finding SECURITY in an INSECURE world

Every woman can identify with insecurity! It could be the common thread we all share. Ephesians 4 walks us out of our insecurity into a place that is so secure that when these truths are applied, you are ready to let go of all that you thought you knew and rest in what is holding you.


Legacy – Living it and Leaving it 

What kind of impact would we have in our relationships if we were women that lived the legacy we desired to leave?  The grace-filled woman, the joy-filled woman, the empty woman, the redeemed woman, and the hope-filled woman.  Five women in scripture blazed this trail.  We too can lead those around us and influence their lives for eternity.

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Digging Wells of Joy

Have you ever wondered what God can do with your pain and sorrow?  Joy will be your biggest cheerleader and your greatest fan as she encourages you with the truths of God’s Word to dig deep and discover the incredible well of joy that God will place in your life.

                                        Moving from Crisis to Credibility

The truths found in Nehemiah apply to our lives today. The joy of the Lord is our strength!  Facing the devastation of our crisis is necessary to the restoration of our lives.  The One who calls us to be still is the only One who can direct our steps to move forward.  A credible life is possible regardless of our crisis.