Solvieg Leithaug ~ TIME

I am excited to introduce Solveig Leithaug newest album, TIME. I am immediately drawn in by her soothing voice. I usually provide interviews through my podcast. Today, as a part of the blog tour, I am excited to provide an interview and a song by this incredible artist about her latest project, TIME.

Her newest album TIME includes a few guest artist you may recognize: Anthony Skinner, Cindy Morgan, and Kelly Willard. Solveig’s daughter Kari Julianna, also joins her on this project as well. The originality of this project is refreshing. Eight of the songs are new and were written by Solveig and other well-known artists such as Cindy Morgan, Reba McGuire, Anthony Skinner, and others.

As you listen to the interview with Solvieg, you will fall in love with her heart, and her beautiful accent too.

Your heart will be uplifted and your soul refreshed as you enjoy her music. “Simple Things” is a sweet reminder of all the things that truly matter.

I hope you will enjoy getting to know Solvieg Leithaug and her music.