Daily Devotional

Hide and Keep

 When God comes into your life to hide and keep; you will always be safe.

 Some days can feel like the childhood game, Hide and Seek. As a single mom, you hide your struggles and seek to find moments of peace and sanity. Sometimes there is more hiding and other days you spend more time seeking. It’s the never-ending “game of balance”.

During my single mom days, I didn’t feel balanced. Always feeling off- kilter. I could not find the perfect space that gave me that sense of balance.  There was a continuous worry, an anxious thought and feeling, and wondering if I am getting it right. How can anything be right when things are not as they should be. Children should not hurt this much. My life was not supposed to be lived in the single mom category. Wondering if you will ever find that perfect balance and stop feeling the failure is a valid question.

What if you stopped being the one hiding and seeking? What if you were the one being hidden and kept?

Keep me as the apple of Your eye; Hide me under the shadow of your wings. Psalm 17:8

David wrote this prayer for protection from those that oppressed him.  Satan desires nothing more than to oppress your spirit. Dear friend, you are the apple of God’s eye. He will not take his eye off of you. He cannot take his eye off of you. He keeps you in perfect focus. He is not nearsighted or farsighted. You are His big “E”!

Hiding you under the shadow of His wings is exactly what He desires to do.  He knows your weary heart needs rest. He loves to bring you in close to Him so you will feel safety and peace. Being hidden by the One who created you will provide the perfect place for you to experience being the apple of His eye.

Joy spent three years as a single mom and she understands that the “struggle is real”. In August 2016, the Lord led Joy and her home church to host the very first SINGLE(mom)HOPE conference. The outpouring of love for the single moms that attended that conference was completely overwhelming. These particular single moms are experiencing being seen by EL-ROI. (Genesis 16:13-14) They are not invisible. Joy is currently booking SINGLE(mom)HOPE, Burdens and Bold Faith, Conference.

Contact Joy to find out how you can host this amazing day for the single moms in your church and community.