SINGLE(mom)HOPE Daily Devotional

Day Seven
Up Close and Personal

I survived with a lot of coffee as a single mom. Thankfully, there was an endless supply of coffee where I worked. By bedtime each night, exhaustion won over whatever strength I had for that day. In fact, exhaustion seemed to be the long shadow that I could not get away from. I suffered from the soul weary, mind fatigued, and emotional drain of the single mom life.

I don’t know what the details of your story are. I do know that you are reading this because you found it yourself or someone who loves you deeply passed this on to you. Today is your day. Today you will know that you don’t need your strength.

His strength is what you need. I will admit, as much as my head knew this truth, my heart struggled to embrace it. From 2008 into 2011, I lived as if everything depended on my strength, my very weak strength. The Lord is so amazing with His tender mercies. As He continued to breath His truth into my weary soul, I found my heart hopeful in His promises.

Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek His face continually.
I Chronicles 16:11

The one thing you have to do is seek. Seek the Lord. Seek His strength. Seek His face. When seeking His face, it becomes personal. This type of seeking is actually seeking His presence. He is an up close and personal God. He doesn’t stand out of reach teasing our aching soul. He is so close you can touch Him. His strength is available and can never be exhausted.

Where are those places in your life where you need to see God up close and personal? Relationships? Home? Finances? Career? Emotional? Spiritual? Whatever it is, you can seek Him. Not only is His strength available to you, HE is available to you.