SINGLE(mom)HOPE Daily Devotional

Day Fourteen
Rest and Wait

There are different reasons why the single mom life happens. It could be through a divorce, through the death of your spouse, or because you have never married and raised your children(n) alone. Whatever the reason, there can be times that resting and waiting is difficult. In fact, living out today’s focal verse can seem impossible. If you are divorced there could be times that you have watched your former spouse succeed and even succeed in making your life more difficult. If you are a widow there could be times you experience how other’s lives move forward seamlessly and you feel your needs, wants, and desires are yesterday’s news. If you are a single mom that has lived the single mom life since the day your child was born you could feel judged, life is unfair, and that you are never given all the pieces needed to play the game well and succeed.

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.
Psalms 37:7

Being still is difficult. Waiting patiently is difficult as well. However, this is the exact things the LORD knows is needed to steady our mind, emotions, and actions. Fretting is easy to do. Anger can come easily when we think we are justified. You can experience through knowledge or action that other people can carry out plans that will go against you and undermine you. I experienced the wicked schemes of my former spouse and unfortunately fret over what was going on. When I look back on those times, I will admit that my fretting did me more harm than the scheming I was experiencing by another person.

The Lord knows we cannot control the actions of others – good or bad. You can control your being still before the Lord. Choosing to wait patiently is a choice you have. You might not have choices in some things, but you can choose to wait patiently for the Lord to work out the details of your situation.

I encourage you to take some time and be still before the Lord. Journal your difficult circumstances or people and then write down the different ways you can choose to wait patiently for the Lord to intervene on your behalf.