SINGLE (mom) HOPE Daily Devotional

Day Ten
Gripped by Grace

I have found myself saying to my children at times, “Get a grip!” Either they are in a complete panic over something that from my point of view is manageable or they are being driven by unnecessary drama. Whatever the reason, it just seems fitting to say to them that they really need to get a grip. Then there is the loving, patient response by my Heavenly Father to my own unnecessary drama or panic. He does not say to me, “Get a grip!” He gently states with unwavering authority, “you are gripped by my grace. No need to struggle or panic. Rest.”

This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast…
Hebrews 6:19

Circumstances toss us to and fro with no regard to its effect. Emotions are stretched beyond our limits. Thoughts race and it’s difficult to keep up. But Jesus… He is this hope! He is your anchor and He is the anchor. He is certain when you live with so much uncertainty. He is immovable when you feel like the ground beneath will give way. He is gripping with a grace that cannot let go.

So often we think if we have something or can find anything to hold on to then we will feel secure. The challenge to our soul is realizing that nothing that we have or could have will offer us the security our souls long for. Security is experienced when we rest in Who is gripping us. My soul, your soul is gripped by the One who holds all things together. This grip is certain and immovable. It’s not that He won’t let go; He can’t let go.

Next time the worry, the panic, the uncertainty is overwhelming you and you think to yourself that you need to get a grip. You don’t need to get a grip. You are gripped. You are gripped by grace, by love, by mercy, by the One who holds it all together.

What circumstances overwhelm you? What is keeping you from resting in His grip of grace? What would life be like if you dared to rest in His grip and trust Him with each and every detail?