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ENDORSED BY Angela Thomas  and Johnny Hunt


         Joy’s book will lead you from where you are, A Mess in Need of Mercy, helping you navigate the Unexpected and The Landscape of the Heart. Joy gives you guidance as you begin to understand The Heart’s Desire and how to Stand Strong with Weak Emotions.  All the while, you will be encouraged to be brave and pick up your spade of sorrow and dig your well of joy.  You will know how to live the AUTHENTIC life and have a contagious faith.

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What reader’s are saying about this dynamic book:

I purchased this book b/c I am in the dead center of my own “crisis” and longed for validation and encouragement. With that, I have been crying since the beginning of this book and keep taking moments to catch my breath and to wipe my eyes. I took a moment, regrouped and began chapter 3 and my sorrow turned to laughter over “potato salad” (you’ll have to read it yourself to understand). Every word. Every emotion. It’s all true. I am validated. I am not alone. There is hope. I cannot wait to read more, but I had to share my thoughts….buy this NOW!!! 


Joy I just downloaded IC and am almost finished with it! I can’t pull myself away! It is full of so much information that I have been needing to help me get over hurdles that have been blocking my path to healing some very old wounds and new damage that I have done to myself. Having information that not only helps me navigate through my mess it also helps me figure out how to apply God’s grace to my mess bringing me peace! Thank you Joy!


A definite must read for those enduring a crisis or have a loved one enduring a crisis. I read it and got copies for my friends.


Amazing book. Joy has done such a great job of walking me through my crisis in such a powerful, applicable way. While stepping on my toes, in the best way possible, I’ve learned how to properly filter this healing process. I can’t recommend this book enough.