iCY: 026 Turning Your Heart Toward Adoption: A Beautiful Mess (part 2)

There are times when God chooses to stretch us in ways that seem unbearable. In this episode, Toni Slade walks us through a portion of their journey that seemed too big to comprehend and too heavy to carry.

You will see God’s bigger plan as the events unfold. Hang on for a ride that will not disappoint in twists and turns. You will fall in love with the Slade family and the gentle God that made all of this a beautiful mess.

As an author and podcaster, it is a delight to encourage your heart to be inCREDIBLE! We are called to always be ready to give an answer for the hope that lies within us. To do that we can live credible lives in the midst of our circumstances. I hope my book will encourage you to be credible in the face of your crisis and live a contagious faith.

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