Celebrate inCREDIBLE You- You’re not forgotten, you are HIS focus

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I think being forgotten is one of the most damaging things to the soul. For me, I spent years being forgotten. The sense of feeling emotionally abandoned, that I didn’t matter, and I was not valued have left deep scars. You might be thinking what a depressing statement to begin a blog. Sometimes, it is necessary to remember the depths of the hopelessness you feel or have felt to begin to grasp the hope that has been and is being offered to you. Recently a friend of mine asked, “What do you do when you feel God has forgotten you?” While that is a loaded question and leaves me with more questions to respond to her question; I think the plea coming from her soul is, “Please remember me”. After all, don’t we all want to know we matter, we are valued, and thought of?

I think the commentary on Isaiah 49 sums up the hearts cry of every human being that has ever lived and I encourage you to read through the chapter and the commentary. My hopelessness turned to hope when I understood that God doesn’t forget me, He CAN’t forget me. In my greatest affliction, the Lord was remembering me. As he heard my cries did he run His fingers over his hand and trace my name? All along He was right there in my affliction.

I don’t think I will ever get a tattoo, but I am fascinated by them because there is usually a story behind the tattoo. I have several friends who have tattoos and each story for the tattoo is different but all with the same reason: choosing not to forget. Each time they see the tattoo, a memory surfaces. Each time someone asks about the tattoo, a story is shared. For my friends who have tattoos, most of them are remembering someone special in their life. The purpose is to never forget.

Just think, the Creator of the Universe, has your name engraved on the palm of His hand! You are not and you will not be forgotten. How many times does He trace your name on His hand while caring for every aspect of your life? He cares about you and He cares about your interests. You are that important!

If you feel forgotten, you’re not! I am grateful that I can express the frustration of feeling forgotten like Hannah did in I Samuel 1 She prayed: “And she was in bitterness of soul, and prayed to the Lord and wept in anguish”. How many times do we find ourselves bitter because we think God has forgotten us? Yet, Hannah did something that seems almost disrespectful she took her bitterness to the Lord while she was still bitter. In other words, this prayer was raw emotion filled with negative emotions. Just like a child can come to his mother tearful, filled with anger and resentment and the mother will listen to the child’s hurt and even sense of misfortune. Our Heavenly Father is good to listen to the cries of your heart, bitterness and all.

His grace is stronger than my struggle.
His mercy is deeper than my disabled trust.
His forgiveness overcomes my overwhelming sin.

Dear one, you are not forgotten and you cannot be forgotten. Whatever circumstances have led you to believe a lie told by Satan to keep you from running to the One who remembers; Turn your eyes upon Jesus and He will calm your anxieties. You are His priority.

Take a moment to celebrate being remembered and redeemed! Listen to the lyrics of this song and worship.

Selah – Before The Throne of God Above