Celebrate inCREDIBLE You- The Best You

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The word authentic is easy to overuse and can be difficult to apply to our lives. When I read the question, “What are the best tips you have for personal development?”, my immediate response was the word that if applied well could change your life and impact others in a dynamic way. AUTHENTIC is the bridge that will lead you away from a life that is full of chaos and lead you to a life filled with peace and joy in the midst of your circumstances.

I wish life was easy steps that could guarantee a better you. Life can be a process that when the steps are guided by the One who created you then you can experience personal development that impacts others.

Know your weaknesses and harness your strengths.

Knowing your weaknesses keeps you humbly focused and willing to learn how to grow in those areas. Harnessing your strengths keeps you disciplined and able to steady your pace.

Ask yourself what is the wisest thing to do

Years ago, I read Andy Stanley’s book, The Best Question Ever. While the message of this book is very practical it is also applicable. Wisdom is a must to grow in maturity. As you work toward your goals of personal development, let wisdom be something you seek daily. We can rationalize right and wrong very easily and justify those choices too. However, it is difficult to water down choices that are guided by wisdom.

Be accountable and take responsibility

Unfortunately, we live in a day and time where accountability is resisted and responsibility is avoided. For there to be growth and maturity, then there has to be personal accountability and responsibility. The benefits of both of these far outweighs any embarrassment that comes with accountability or any uncomfortable feelings that could be associated with responsibility. The outcome of the life that is accountable and responsible is AUTHENTIC. The people you impact with the way you live your life are affected because you are the real deal. When we choose to know ourselves – weaknesses and strengths, make decisions based on the wisest thing to do, and have a consistent lifestyle of being accountable and responsible then you are making a difference. You are being the BEST YOU!