Joy’s book will lead you from where you are.

From Crisis to Credibility offers an invitation to hope from the God who loves deeply, heals wounds, and offers you his joy.


“Of one thing I am perfectly sure: God’s story never ends with ashes.” - Elisabeth Elliot

Completely overwhelmed with God’s good and perfect gifts, Joy lives with her husband Jeff and their children, Meighan and Caid in Conyers, GA. Joy knows the crushing sound of a breaking heart. She also has experienced first hand God accomplishing all that concerns her and her family. Jeff and Joy have a love story that will leave you with hope, laughter, and tears of pure delight. Meighan and Caid have a story of redeeming love, left abandoned and then to be chosen and wanted. Joy will encourage you with Biblical truths while gently leading you to step out in faith and experience the strong grip of the grace that will never let go. She is authentic! She is audacious! She is transparent and life with Joy and her family can be messy. She is comfortable with the imperfections because that is where grace shines brightest. She has dug a deep well of joy with her spade of sorrow and hopes that you will come and see this beautiful well that God has restored into a place of His grace and mercy. Joy lives a contagious life with an infectious faith, understanding that we all can be credible regardless of our crisis.


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